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Still Four (2002)

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Our second full-length album arose between October 2000 and December 2001. Again we recorded it in Rumsei’s studio. The songs were recorded within three days in December, but the final cut was done in January 2002.

Two labels (Taz Devil Rec, PCS rec) released the CD in June 2002. and another two (Vinyl Junkies Rec, IC Rec) released the vinyl in beginning of 2003. It was the first time for us to have an own recording on wax. The release show was on June 8th at Lichtwirtschaft Leipzig together with Unifight, The Beans and Plaque.


Creative Commons License It's released under a Creative Commons License. This means you can download, copy, file-share, trade, distribute and perform it in a noncommercial way!


    cause of the damn past we have to live as stereotypes. the gender of our birth took the decision how we should live and feel and what’s the character we have to be. who made the definition? what does toughness mean? does it stand just for a hard guy attitude or is it to do what you want or is it to love who you want? if toughness means a way of life hiding feelings and emotions, acting society’s hardest – if toughness means shit like that you have won, you are right. we are not tough enough!
    sometimes i wanna cry but i can’t ’cause i need my concentration. sometimes i should get drugged but i can’t ’cause i need my mind. can’t lose my control, have to manage my own life at least. how could i help if i need it myself? i crash down with my head to my feet’s level. can’t change that situation, standing between the lines. it’s like my hands would be in chains and my feet stand in concrete. caught in a cube of glass seeing all but no one hears me. i know i’ll get tired of screaming but if i see a chance i’m still ready. what could i say if my feet don’t feed the ground.
    old style – new style – all together!
  4. S.M.I.L.E.*:
    the world is bad, think positive, not just for a while, don’t let you be forced, don’t let you be forced, your life is your own file. stand proud against, you know who you are, the world is in your own trial. so raise your fist for revolution but don’t forget to smile! check out the products we won’t buy. better fight the crap. get well informed or let us try, we need all the facts! it’s the knowledge what makes resistent and strong enough to beat the assholes all around. let’s smile for the fight. use your smile to say fuck off to the authority. Use your smile to tell them the point, what’s the matter of your behaviour. smile for peace – smile for freedom – smile for equality – smile just for smiling – smile!
    what’s the matter? why do we kill ourselves so many times? why do we create so many kinds of death? again and again we can’t live in peace and harmony. many assholes have an interest in wars and pain – they earn money. uncountable wars in mankind’s history, after every battle we stood up again, built up some new but hate returned. the question is how long can it go on? we are developing just the military shit, so we can’t go ahead in our social life. we have to learn to respect each other! one day we won’t stand up again.
    in a world full of hate everybody needs a place where one can find silence for regeneration. all talk about – all think about – everybody is looking for just one thing!
    stand side by side – hardcore for life! i get bored by that phrase. Whatever it means – shouting is nothing. Stand side by side – sing brotherhood. It’s a good hook for the song, everybody feels the shit, everybody can singalong. i don’t need words like brotherhood because i know my friends – i don’t need words like loyality if it means to follow blind – i don’t need words like unity it’s enough if i can count on you!
  8. LIVIN’ IN TV:
    look around, realize the eyes which have the focus on you. they’re recording every action and whatever you do. thousand eyes in my back, a million cams are watching me, secret services behind the screens – observation – no one’s really free! electronic systems are everywhere just for the feeling you would be safe / exchanged your freedom for that lie, we are controlled on every place. alternative ways of life become outlawed things. now you have to fear that we strike back! watch my life – dream of control – you fuckin’ fool – we strike back – watch my ass. currently they have just cams, when will we get a chip inside?
    i’m standing inside a wave of aggression but it seems not the right to me. i’m standing inside a wave of devotion in a fight for my liberty. i opened my eyes and all i saw was reality – i dreamt it away from me into virtuality. as far as i imagine i’ve never been so sensualized. it’s mine for what i strive! bullets and stones have come to life! in my dreams i saw machines. hundreds, thousands moving forward, protecting the integrity – capitalism sent its bodyguards. bullets and stones is what i feel.
    merchandise are holy, consume’s the only way, tv’s the moralizer for all we have to pay. the rules of the lifestyles are forced by cash & power, do you wanna escape? never you will get it! ignore the society, don’t support the shit, that’s the only way i know to escape. be just yourself, go your own way, don’t sell you out, swim against the stream. just pray the money – i can’t believe – it can’t be all – i can’t support – it’s not the life. you can buy just things, you cannot buy friends!

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