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Red Carpet (2006)


This is our third full length record including songs we have written between end of 2002 and 2005. It tooks us as longer as we wanted but it’s ok for us. We are a band and not a fuckin’ company! In our opinion everything made a step further: music, field of lyrics, recording, mixing, artwork and layout, working together as a band of friends, also in very tense moments and strange situations!

It’s recorded by Nudge and mastered by XARC, the layout was done by Haschek and Franz Ehrenberg did all the drawings. It’s released on CD and Vinyl by PCS Records, Vinyl Junkies and SM Musik. The CD comes in a nice Digipak and we got a black and a red version on Wax. Both it includes a 16 pages booklet.


Creative Commons License It's released under a Creative Commons License. This means you can download, copy, file-share, trade, distribute and perform it in a noncommercial way!


  1. Rock That Away:
    what went wront – in this world – that we live so quiet apathic – tear this system down – just make a noise // rock that away // bored and dead faces – everywhere you see – media define life – just for soma addicts // rock that away // breaking the silence – wake up your mind – lighten the darkness – and focus on the world – using your senses – everyday and everywhere – a consciously spent day – is a new piece of – freedom // fighting stagnation – together with your friends – fighting stagnation – in your life and in your scene // rock that away!
  2. Identity:
    “du bist deutschland” – we are not – we don’t play your game – patriot identity – it’s a stupid shame // we are not your fellows – where you can let your stemp – we use our eyes and watching you – you would like to prevent // we cannot identify with your politics – we cannot identify with this state // no need for your cultural values – because basicly we have our own – no need for your commercial values – because survival-of-the-profit sucks // maybe we can love our streets – and some people who are living in – maybe that’s our ident ity partly – but it isn’t including you – no! // if you are running campaigns – to improve the national feeling – you cannot count on us – we only wanna see it… …dead!
  3. Burn The Flags:
    a long day is over – it’s time to go home – to your house, wife, kids and dog – another child died – women got raped – not your problem, who fuckin’ cares // we are just an angry youth – no need to be germany – i fuck your identity // don’t handle humans like lifeless things – if i could i would burn that pages – let’s set a blaze in this land – and all over the world let’s burn the flags // you have a clean state – it’s only your job – to enforce the law and rules – your hands might start to burn – and your eyes should bleed – when you subscribe these pages of death // you cut down the a16 – hide yourself behind the words – (while) killing with the statute book.
  4. The Human Robots:
    fight the – human – robots – just kill – yourself – kill me – rescue – from the – machine – freedom – what is – freedom // the human being is – caught by their life(s) – no matter of – time and place – that’s our past and it – will be the future – maybe death is – the way out // (it) seems like mathematics – we are functions of … – only numbers – on a line – living in the stream – maybe save the mind – just feeling luck – easily // breaking the chains – may lead to pain – life like patterns – (and stereotypes) – always the same – (always caged) // human robots – just kill yourself – break the machine – what is freedom?
  5. 6th Sense:
    cant’ get the pictures off my head – i wonder why am i so restless – why are my thoughts out of control – i only know that inner … … turmoil is nothing i need – to realize i’m able to feel // take it away – it makes (me) feel afraid – i’m loosing my power (i’m falling) – take it away – it makes (me) feel afraid – i’m searching for my inner strenght (i’m searching) // investigation for a reason – but i cannot get a stupid one – reflections of my emotions – the number increase day by day // losing mask by mask but without a result – billion questions let explode my head – what’s the problem? a blurred picture. – having no answers, going to be mad. // tell me why… // this is a personal fight – only me versus myself – nobody may touch me – but i don’t care about // losing mask by mask – maybe without a result – but at these moments i can it feel – it’s the best proof not to be dead – these emotions let me know // i’m alive! – alive!
  6. FB -vs- Lies:
    Coversong, originally performed by Violated Seizure, check the original at
  7. Don’t Forget Africa:
    too many crisis on earth – too much beings get hurt – and you may zapping – through the different news // it really doesn’t matter – what’s the channel’s name – the pictures stayed the same – all the time // what we see is what we think – what we hear is what we care for – therefore – what we read is what we think – what we hear is what we care for – one thing only // disasters and the pictures of – have to be as suitable – as much to get a – damn good rate // and they make benefit events – for their own reputation – and we donate to get – a good feeling // you tell us what for – what we have to pay for // don’t forget africa // and the forgotten? – they die in suffer – it is a torture – but no one cares // independent media – is one choice – to bring it back – the faces of death // we saw the one side we didn’t see the other // don’t forget africa.
  8. Trust In Me:
    who said you don’t believe me – who said it’s anything else – and nobody’s there to rely on – that’s bullshit – trust in me // there’s allways a way to go – we can find to everywhere – in fact we did it (yet) so far – there’s nothing to fear // don’t run away – (rest) rest with me – give me your hand – (trust) trust in me // switch off your self protection – risk to get hurt – i won’t disappoint you – feel free and give it a try!
  9. The Statement:
    what’s the big problem – to make a simple decision – nobody wants you to subscribe – a political manifest – it’s such an easy thing – no nazi scum on hardcore shows – so i don’t get the point – this is our finger for you // i don’t give a fuck about – your (so-called) non-political attitude – we even won’t play for you – if you ignore that fascist next to you – to part our shows with them – it’s only stupid – we defend our yard cause – hardcore is not only music // good night white pride! – zero tolerance to right wing assholes. – it’s not their movement! – get us right and straight… this is our statement: FUCK OFF!
  10. Knock Me Down (Destination: Death):
    tell me – what is it about – the special human wish to die – tell me the good side – to play russian rolette – show me the sense – to toxicate the urban veins – help me to make out – the need to suicide // please lead me, please lead me – every day of my life – it seems i’m not clever enough – to see my personal benefit // day by day we develop another “must-have” thing – we really need it, let’s rather burn one more forest – as more as supertankers – the more desasters occure – for sure there is no doubt – we need that oil for energy // is there one culture we don’t own? // send them our products. how do they live without? – in exchange we only take their natural resources – send them our moral. we are the civilized! – let’s make them a part of us, give them tv.
  11. Hardcore Is Fuckin’ Dead:
    hardcore is dead – i can’t see a scene – i only see a scenery – a life style scheme – where’s the movement gone – phrases are used – to prove a situation – which does not exist – in this way anymore // is hardcore dead – what’s coming next // we don’t need a name – what we stand for – we strife for ideas – not about a word – don’t sell your heart – no compromises – you make the movement – not vice versa // set it up – keep it straight – go forward – say it loud! // this is a call for everybody – this is a call for you …

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    Sep 7 2007

    Why you don’t have a video or something on you tube cause i’ll never saw you.

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    Mar 30 2009

    Schönes Ding, das!

    Danke nochmal.

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    Apr 13 2009



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