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Caught By (2000) Still Four (2002) Red Carpet (2006) Fear, Loss & Deadication (2010)

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2 Lame 2 Rock (2004)

“2 Lame 2 Rock” Tour Promo CD (2004) We produced this demo because we want to take some new stuff to France and Belgium. There are 3 new Songs on this cd and we really like it. Also it is the first of our own releases which is produced Nudge’s re-arranged PCS Basement studio. A different recording of all three songs are on the “Red Carpet” CD/LP.


  1. 6th Sense
  2. Trust in Me
  3. Knock me down (Destination: Death)

P.O.H. (1998)

This Demo-CD consists only one song, which is very different in the setup, because Seppl took the micro and Nudge the bass. The song has a different style comparing to our other songs, because it has some hip-hop influences from Seppl. All in all very experimental.


  1. Prophets of Hardcore (MP3)

Twenty Minutes Show (1998)

"Twenty Minutes Show" Tape (1998) This tape was the first media with our own music on it. At this time we had a different setup, because Nudge sang and Doni was our guitarist. We recorded it at our old rehearsal room in a school in Leipzig/Gruenau. Although these songs are very old, we still play the last one on stage.


  1. Youth
  2. Forsaken moments
  3. While i see
  4. Let me destroy
  5. What for
  6. Can’t take my doubt

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