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Bleeding Teeths & Burning Horses (2006)

V/A “Bleeding Teeth & Burning Horses” CD Cover This is the compilation of the TSM community, nice guys who ripped off the website concept from years before :) They wanted our song Hardcore is fuckin’ dead and they got it. Seems they got the real message.

Roter Stern Benefit 2 (2006)

Roter Stern (Red Star) is a soccer club from Leipzig. They stand very close to the Hardcore/Punk community. So it wasn’t a real question to provide one song. We entered Rumsei’s studio, so this recording of Trust in Me differs to the version on our Red Carpet CD/LP.

Mühlkeller Compilation (2003)

Stahni asked us, to support the “Muehlkeller Club” in Leipzig/Reudnitz with one song for a sampler. We have had some of our best gigs there and Stahni became a friend since our first time there — we didn’t consider much of this request. Especially for the “Muehlkeller”, we wrote the song “Under the Earth” and we produced it again in Nudge’s studio. This compilation seems to be the first release of SM Musik, who takes part in the release of “Red Carpet” later.

No Talents Competition (2001)

V/A “No Talents Competition” CD Cover The fatsound clique gave us the possibility to release two songs within their first sampler. We played many times together with their bands like Shit lives on, we took part on their festivals — and every time it was very convenient. Sadly this time seems to be over but our songs on that compilation — In my Diary and Steve’s Dreams, produced by Nudge — still rock.

Local Heroes 5 (2000)

V/A “Local Heroes 5” CD Cover This sampler originates from the cooperation with the club “Haus Kreuzer” in Dessau, were we have played some times. During a contest of some local hc/punk bands, we won the studio-time to produce the two songs which are contributed to the album. The studio was in Bernburg and it was done by Slapper but he failed. We got some personal copies but we kept it because the recordings of Truth and Don’t Believe sucks!

Leipzig. Courage zeigen. (1999)

V/A “Leipzig. Courage zeigen.” CD Cover The first festival where we played was called “Junge Musiker gegen Gewalt und Rassismus” (“Young musicians against violence and racism.”). Afterwards we could bring a song — called My Land (you can find a few lines from the lyrics now in Path of Blood) — on the published sampler.

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