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Caught By (2000)

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1999 we decided to record a real CD, so we collected all our private money and put it together to pay for everything. All songs — except “Can’t take my Doubt” — were written from August until December 1999. End of ’99 or beginning of 2000 we recorded it together with Rumsei at Conne Island.

Of course, we were very proud of it and although our style has changed, we still like this album. The release show was on April 8th 2000 together with Violated Seizure and Narziß at Muehlkeller Leipzig. The show was done by Stahni, the guy who helped us to release “Red Carpet” six years later. Post-released “Caught By” made it to the first official release of PCS Records.


Creative Commons License It's released under a Creative Commons License. This means you can download, copy, file-share, trade, distribute and perform it in a noncommercial way!


  1. Key Avenue:
    caught by mass psychology
    we need the final breakout
    among the supressors
    we are forced to smile

    now i’m fed up with
    the power that feeds our apathy
    but i’ve eaten the flesh
    poisened with hate

    inside we have started
    a running rebellionship
    but the new generation
    takes part in new shit

    new wars will come over us
    the new breed will go on
    repeating mistakes again
    as they did all the time

    final breakout!

    we believe that we are
    walking on the key avenue
    they wanted us to believe that we are
    walking the key avenue

    final breakout!

  2. New Freedom:
    maybe i will hurt you
    but that’s not my intention now
    step back a little and listen to me
    if you say no then i say yo

    there’s a special fact for living
    ’bout the human weakness to adrift
    my thoughts are few but nonetheless
    they will tell you what to give a fuck for

    that’s the new age that’s the new freedem
    you can believe in what you want
    it’s on time that you decide
    every wrong is your own fault

    flatshitters are on every street
    among those you’ll have to survive
    the mass tends to understand/ignore
    they call themselves the right

    but i call them a fucking nazi-mob
    watch ‘em kill ‘em burn ‘em beat ‘em
    as idiots they all were born
    my son it’s time their end just now

  3. Path Of Blood:
    you talk about peace
    you talk about love
    you talk about truth
    you talk about charity

    but the reality is another

    you burned humans
    damaged cultures
    and killed peoples
    in your holy battles

    your bible preach
    to kill and condemn
    to punish and torture
    if some don’t wanna go

    your motherfuckin’ way of life

    fuck your confessional puppets
    i don’t believe in your damn
    ’cause your churches lie
    and only try to save the power

    holy murderers – your path is full of blood

  4. Truth:
    come down with us!

    be an individual
    and stand behind your friends
    respect the unity
    not only shaking hands
    do you remember
    do you know the words
    strength of unity
    what i see – it hurts

    don’t lie – it’s the biggest rule
    the truth – most important tool

    come down with us!

    it’s not only an empty phrase
    but some say it with their ass
    they lie – give friends a fuck
    can’t understand it
    ’cause what they do – it sucks

    don’t lie – it’s the biggest rule
    the truth – most important tool


  5. Always The Same:
    what about the education? always the same!
    what about the politicians? always the same!
    i give a fuck if that’s always the same!
    so i fight everyday, always the same!
  6. Mankind Suicide:
    who’s so blind – blind to see?

    look your country!
    look the society!
    watch the world!

    who’s so blind to see the damages?
    who’s so blind to see (it)?

    don’t you see the epidemics? so much people die!
    don’t you see the supressions? so much people die!
    don’t you see the exploitation? so much people die!
    don’t you see the wars? so much peoples die!

    realizing i hate

    realizing i hate myself.
    ’cause i can’t change it.
    open your eyes! we will die.
    open your eyes! suicide.

    so i ask who’s so blind?

  7. Don’t Believe:
    day after day they want to say
    what you have to do, to whom you should pray
    please believe nothing, think for yourself
    go deep in your mind, and look what you find

    politicians, teachers and priests tell you
    what is wrong and what is right
    society tries to absorb you
    defent your brain, it’s your fight

    keep your own will and keep your soul
    otherwise you lose your face
    it will become a hole

    don’t believe
    only believe on yourself

  8. World’s A Prison:
    world is a prison!

    world’s a fuckin’ prison
    organized by borders
    you have to question
    if you wanne pass

    world’s a fuckin’ prison
    parted by dividing lines
    like prison cells
    but people are not criminals

    trash down borders!

    trash down the borders
    smash them in your head
    borders are reasons of racism

    trash down the borders
    peoples should be free
    and allowed to move
    freedom i can’t see

    some assholes set racism
    during the hole history
    this way they kept the power
    and exploited more and more
    without hate between the peoples
    they could see the real enemy
    but they can’t pass the borders in their heads
    same borders split up the world

    world’s a prison
    try to break
    trash down borders
    keep it out of your heads

  9. Can’t Take My Doubt:
    i hope it will be over
    these things – who could resist
    got the chance to correct it
    but you must believe we missed

    i wanna stop your talking
    i wanna freeze your smile
    i wanna see you losing
    when ever will it die?

    Will it die?

    fuck fascism however you can
    i am here i do it now
    not depending on the words you waste
    it all can’t take my doubt

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