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This is the end, good bye our friends!

August 8, 2012 by Farmer's Blvd

This is the most difficult message we ever had to write. We’ve postponed this for months but it is real: Farmer’s Boulevard is dead! Actually we planned a new album for 2011 — all songs has been almost finished — and a tour to Scandinavia, but it should not be. Our guitar player Nudge left [...]

Plan for tonight: Releaseshow!

December 17, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

Liebe Freunde der gepflegten Plagwitzer Tanzmusik, an dieser Stelle nochmal der Hinweis, dass heute Abend — Freitag, den 17.12.2010 — die Releaseparty für unsere “Fear, Loss & Deadication” EP in der Lichtwirtschaft steigt. Wir hoffen, dass ihr euch nicht vom Schnee abhalten lasst :) Die EP ist übrigens limitiert auf 111 Stück, kommt im Metalltäschchen [...]

New EP and Tour: “Fear, Loss & Deadication” out now!

September 3, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

We finally released our brand new EP “Fear, Loss & Deadication”, and today we start to tour Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland. The EP contains 5 tracks, 3 new songs and 2 very old tunes from 1998, what we have re-recorded. It is physically released as CD packaged in a jewel metal box, limited [...]

24 hours open: our new online store

August 25, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

If you are connected via Twitter or Facebook with us, you know it already: we got a tiny online store now. Right now we are selling there our last 3 full length records, so if you like our free downloads, just support us by purchasing one the albums for a price what you can name [...]

Gegenaktionen zum “9. Thüringentag der nationalen Jugend”, Eure Unterstützung ist gefragt!

June 11, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

Die Info über die Gegenaktionen kommt recht spät, aber von unserer Seite ist die Teilnahme auch recht spontan. Morgen, am 12. Juni 2010, organisieren Nazis wiedereinmal den Thüringentag der nationalen Jugend, welcher schon die vergangenen Jahre immer wieder in verschiedenen Orten stattfand. Der Thüringentag ist dabei so etwas wie der Vorbote des “Fest der Völker.” [...]

About kids, gigs and other plans

May 15, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

Again, we didn’t update the page for a long time. If you want to read the freshest news intime just follow us at Twitter or Facebook where we push frequently small updates. The Farmer’s Boulevard family grew bigger, Tina and our drummer Seebi got parents. In february they have born their son Täve. While Täve [...]

Download our “Red Carpet” CD/LP for free

December 25, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

FB Santa is back in his hardcore boots and he brings another record for all the bad girls and boys :) We re-released our “Red Carpet” CD/LP under a Creative Commons license, this means you can download it for free and legally share the album with your friends. You can choose between the MP3 and [...]

4 more shows in 2009 and further plans

September 14, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

To make it short: we will take a break from playing shows to concentrate on new songs for a new record. Right now we cannot tell you how long it will take but we hope to be back in 2010 :) Beside that we hope to find the time to prepare some shorter and longer [...]

Free show in Leipzig

June 11, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

This is a message to anybody who missed our show in Leipzig in May or to everybody who can’t get enough: We will play a free show at the Zombikiller Underground in Leipzig on Saturday, June 13th 2009! The venue is located at the Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, directly in the basement under the Ex-Bimbotown club. It’s [...]

East Europe Tour, Let’s go!

May 12, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Yes, it’s true, we go. Everything is planned and also the last minute cancelled show in Odessa can’t mess up our mood. We are excited what will happen the next two and a half weeks. We hope to met awesome people and to see interesting places. We haven’t been on tour so far away for [...]

Konzert in Lichtwirtschaft Leipzig

May 5, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Nachdem wir unsere im März in Leipzig geplante Show leider absagen mussten, gibt es seit geraumer Zeit ein Ersatzdatum. Am Samstag, den 9. Mai 2009, spielen wir in der Lichtwirtschaft in Leipzig. Dort haben wir schon seit ein paar Jährchen nicht mehr gespielt, unsere Releaseshow zur “Still Four” CD/LP vor fast 7 Jahren dürfte unser [...]

Leipzig abgesagt, Cottbus verschoben

March 4, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Wir hoffen, ihr habt es mitbekommen, dass wir für Cottbus am 28.2. leider absagen mussten — inzwischen gibt es einen neuen Termin: am 20. März 2009 sind wir im Chekov Cottbus zugegen, ihr hoffentlich auch. Auch für Leipzig haben wir ein schlechte Nachricht, denn auch die Show am 6.3. — diesen Freitag — mussten wir [...]

Freiräume erhalten!

January 15, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Am Samstag (zonisch: Sonnabend), den 17.01.2009, spielen wir, Bury My Sins und Captain Capa in Jena auf einer Soliparty für das Besetzte Haus in Erfurt. Das soll geräumt, geschlossen und abgerissen werden — soweit zumindest die Pläne von Erfurts Verwaltung und dem neuen Investor. Damit würde ein einzigartiges und für die Stadt Erfurt sehr wichtiges [...]

On the way to 2009, Forst and Jena

December 30, 2008 by Farmer's Blvd

Last post for the old year, just to wish you and us the best for the upcoming year. Our show in Cottbus has been moved to Forst, but the date is still the same. So we hope you to see on January 9th, 2009 at Buntes Haus Forst. Last time (Nov 2007) was delicious, we [...]

Next shows and East Europe Tour 2009

November 20, 2008 by Haschek

Like Seebi wrote, tonight (Nov 20) we will play at Atari in Leipzig. Atari is located in Leipzig-Reudnitz, Täubchenweg on corner Kippenbergstraße (check it out on Google maps). The show will start 9pm sharp, and the Atari is a small venue, so be early. Next days we will also hit Bitterfeld and Plauen, some other [...]


November 14, 2008 by Seebi

Wir freuen uns sehr, nächsten Donnerstag das neue entstandene Ladenprojekt Atari in Leipzig / Reudnitz mit einem Benefiz unterstützen zu können. Mit dem Erlös soll eine PA gekauft werden, welche mehr Konzerte ermöglicht, was in Reudnitz echt Mangelware ist. Viel Glück Atari! Weithin spielen wir nächsten Freitag in Bitterfeld und gleich danach im Vogtland in [...]

Action days for autonomous spaces

April 8, 2008 by Haschek

This weekend the international “decentralized days of action for squats and autonomous spaces” will be happen (dt. Info). In our area will be at least two important dates: 2008-04-10 (fri) “Wir bleiben alle!” in Erfurt, a mob action with a pink shawl for the Besetztes Haus Erfurt, what has been closed now for concerts by [...]

Get it together

April 3, 2008 by Haschek

Hello friends, we know there hasn’t been a post for the last months, so let’s summarize: we hope you had a wonderful chrismas evening, a good switch to the new year and a not so cold easter time. Now we are back on the blog to give you some hugs. Check out the next shows [...]

Last minute show and label special

December 22, 2007 by Haschek

Maybe the last news this year but good one: we’ll play a very last minute show in Schwerin at Komplex tonight. So today Schwerin and tomorrow the whole world Halberstadt. Check the tour schedule. Right now a special about SM Musik is broadcasted at Radio Blau. SM Musik is one label behind our last record [...]

Merseburg is cancelled but radio show follows

December 7, 2007 by Farmer's Blvd

Sorry friends but our show in Merseburg tomorrow is cancelled! We are as sad as you … But we will be on air on Monday (Dec 10) in Halle’s local punkrock show Subjektiv on Radio Corax (UKW 95.9), together with Borstel from Isolated. Oh yeah, our friends from Adjudgement will rock Leipzig on December 17th [...]

Old but still screaming – Minitour

November 6, 2007 by Haschek

Marco from Bury My Sins came up with that name. We are not getting older, only bigger (in our body sizes). So it’s time for another fitness course on stage. Maybe you want to join us in Halle (Nov 9), Forst (Nov 10) and Dresden (Nov 11). We will be there together with two other [...]

Marv’s farewell show: today!

September 8, 2007 by Haschek

It’s sad but true: our guitar player Marv is leaving us because of personal reasons. We have been friends before he joined us and we will stay close friends. His last show with Farmer’s Boulevard is today! We will play at the New Winds Festival in Zwickau-Windberg, together with awesome bands like Mönster, The Now-Denial [...]

Dzine dobry Polska!

April 9, 2007 by Seebi

Because of another bands cancellation, we are able to play three gigs in Poland next week. So we’re glad to be on tour from 14.4. (Leipzig) to 17.4. (Torun, Poland). I wonder about the fact, that this is our first time playing in Poland in 10 years of FB! The gig details are listed at [...]

European Tour

March 14, 2007 by Haschek

You read right, we plan another European Tour. This time together with our friends from Myra and Strong As Ten. Tour period is from June 6th to June 19th 2007. Currently all directions are open. We hope to explore new places and we are looking forward to meet new people. We hope for your help [...]

Kurhaus on sexism & patriarchate in HC/Punk “scene”

February 19, 2007 by Haschek

There is a very good interview with Kurhaus on about sexism and patriarchate in HC/Punk and in general. The interview is in german: Das schizophrene daran ist, dass wir selbst, auch wenn wir uns bewusst sind, dass diese Scheiße existiert, sie immer und immer wieder reproduzieren. Für jede Situation in der wir es schaffen, [...]

New Website & Re-Releases of “Caught By” and “Still Four”

February 15, 2007 by Haschek

Maybe you have realized it, we got a new website. We hope to bring more stuff online. Please drop us an email if you have any problems with the new site. Beside that we re-released two older records: “Caught By” from 2000 and “Still Four” from 2002. You can download them direct from our website. [...]

Merch & Ice

February 13, 2007 by Haschek

To keep it as short as possible: if you wanna buy any records, shirt or buttons — please write us:

Last chance to dance 2006

December 19, 2006 by Haschek

We will play our last show in 2006 next saturday, December 23rd! Together with Pagdalan we will be at Nachtlager Leipzig (Könneritzstr. 46, LE-Schleussig). It seems to get a hard night for Marv. The place is an art gallery and it’s a benefit show for a project related to Romania. More news: some good and [...]

Back to the roots

June 13, 2006 by Haschek

Wanna travel in time back to year 2000? Here you are: Farmer’s Boulevard will play very spontaneously at the Muhlkeller Leipzig on June 17th! So this is a good reason to turn off the TV: Hate Worldcup, Love Hardcore! The show starts 9pm sharp! Beside that good news for all vinyl lovers: we got our [...]

It’s done! New record “red carpet” CD/LP out soon!

March 28, 2006 by Haschek

Yes, we finished everything: Studio, Mixing, Mastering, Layout and finally we sent all the stuff to the manufactories. The record will be out in April 2006. The Release Show is on April 15th at Gieszer16 in Leipzig. Have a look on the artwork done by Franz Ehrenberg: We know it tooks us four years and [...]


February 13, 2006 by Haschek

Some stuff is released under a Creative Commons License, please check out the pages for additional information. Media complete album: “Red Carpet” CD/LP (2006) — MP3s and OGGs complete album: “Still Four” CD/LP (2002) — MP3s and OGGs complete album: “Caught By” CD (2000) — MP3s and OGGs Info PDF: Press info 2009 (English) PDF: [...]

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