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Video: Secret Show in Leipzig and “Makin’ Gifts” tour 2004

January 4, 2015 by Farmer's Blvd

Hey friends, we found a video of a secret show that we’ve played on new years eve 2004 during our “Makin’ Gifts” tour. The concert happened short before midnight at the corridor in a shared flat in Leipzig, maybe it was the most tiny place we performed in. This show was only one of the [...]

This is the end, good bye our friends!

August 8, 2012 by Farmer's Blvd

This is the most difficult message we ever had to write. We’ve postponed this for months but it is real: Farmer’s Boulevard is dead! Actually we planned a new album for 2011 — all songs has been almost finished — and a tour to Scandinavia, but it should not be. Our guitar player Nudge left [...]

Flashback: Minsk and The Apollo Video Programm

August 1, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

Around 19 years after the World Wide Web gone public, 13 years after Farmer’s Boulevard was founded and 5 years after YouTube was invented we did it: our first video upload. Hell yeah, sometimes we are really Oldschool :) Now it’s time to introduce our Vimeo profile and the FB tube. Like you know we [...]

Pößneck: Repressalien gegen TrägerInnen des GNWP-Logos

June 16, 2010 by Farmer's Blvd

Schon als wir in Leipzig losfuhren, bekamen wir einen Anruf, dass die Polizei die Antifa sich teilweise ausziehen läßt. Neben anderen Kontrollen, war wohl auch das “Good Night ‘White Pride’”-Logo ein Grund. Es wurden von der Polizei Teilnehmer beider Demos/Kundgebungen gegen den “Thüringentag der nationalen Jugend” wegen Tragens des GNWP-Logos rausgezogen und entsprechende Ermittlungsverfahren eingeleitet. [...]

Full Speed Ahead — the last chance to dance!

November 14, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Full Speed Ahead, our hardcore comrades from the other side of the town (04277, you know!), are quitting the band after 15 years of existence. Tonight they will play the last show at their second living room, Conne Island Leipzig. Let’s take our last chance to dance with them and celebrate them tonight, to make [...]

The Army of Lamers are back in town

June 4, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Hello everybody, we arrived very well and in the same time totally smashed on Monday morning in Leipzig. We are back at home. We really had a very good time on road and we met so many nice people, beside all the good shows we had and all the new places we’ve seen on tour. [...]


May 28, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Someone in Kiev filmed Burn the Flags and uploaded it to YouTube, here you are:

Hrodna Garage Hymn

May 19, 2009 by Seebi

Today was our fourth show on tour and the first one in Belarus. Our Show in Гродна, Беларусь (Hrodna, Belarus) was really awesome and one might say it was one of the best ones in our life. The Hrodna guys are really crazy and make their concerts in a small garage in a field of [...]

Nach Leipzig ist vor Leipzig

May 11, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

Vielen Dank an alle von Euch, die am Samstag bei unserer Show in der Lichtwirtschaft waren. Uns hat es viel Spaß gemacht, Euch hoffentlich auch. Wie wir auf dem Konzert schon gesagt haben, hilft uns die Show finanziell bei unserer Osteuropa-Tour, insofern tragen wir euch die ca. 7500 km mit im Herzen. Wer Bilder gemacht [...]

Stickin’ to the guns at the hair salon

April 30, 2009 by Farmer's Blvd

We did not make any official band pictures for years but after our show at Atari Leipzig in November 2008 Tristan offered us to do some. So for the first time ever we got a real flash, a real camera and (maybe important) a real photographer. The deal loked like that: first he shoot some [...]


May 17, 2008 by Seebi

Nachdem unsere Musik bereits als Soundtrack für Fingerboarding herhalten musste, hat Seppl letzten dieses Video gefunden. Wunderschön! Aber schade um den Bandraum – Verzeihung! Proberaum :-)

Thank you for the last 10 Years

by Farmer's Blvd

We thank everybody who has inspired us, did set up a show, cooked, shared a place to sleep on our tours, wrote reviews, spread concert flyers, supported us on shows, lend us equipment, believed in us, bought a record or a button from us, shared ideas and stories! Unforgettable moments, 10 years are a long [...]

Klunting Season

November 12, 2007 by Haschek

We are back from a weekend tour we won’t forget that fast: nice people, dainty dishes without any risotto (the reis-mit-scheiss time seems to be over), good drinks and Sternis, first snowflakes, flat jokes, even flatter klunt-jokes, huge guys (BMS), sleeping guys (TGS), semantic guys (we), extreme table soccering and 1001 other stories. Especially Forst [...]

FB Poster Sketch from 1999

August 24, 2007 by Seebi

I’ve tidy up my old work place and found an ancient computer medium called floppy with this image. We liked that very much in 1999 and I still like it today :-)

Poland was great (Part One)

July 3, 2007 by Haschek

Nik from Pagdalan photographed a lot! Some stuff here: You can find more pictures on Pagdalan’s website. Parent advisory: some explicite content! Stay tuned for Part 2 (it may need only 1 year).

Recording Days

July 2, 2007 by Seebi

We’ve decided to produce a anniversary release for our 10th birthday this year. Last weekend we recorded the drums and today the second guitar follows.  

Fingerboarding Soundtrack

April 26, 2007 by Haschek

Sometimes it’s funny what you can find on the web. Maybe skateboard kids are to shy to listen to us at the skate park. Hint: you can do it while fingerbording. We found it on youtube.

Fart Parade

April 16, 2007 by Farmer's Blvd

We are really pleased to have our first gigs here in Poland. Right now sitting in Molotov Cafe in Olsztyn after having a breakfast together with the guys from Pagdalan and Run Riot. Yesterdays drive from Leipzig to Olsztyn was hard! Though we had relaxed 13 hours in the car, the trip was accompanied by delicious [...]


February 23, 2007 by Haschek

This is a collection of flyers and posters of shows. We update this gallery from time to time.

Long rides, nice people and G16

April 20, 2006 by Haschek

We enjoyed our shows in Izola and Graz, we thank Enco and Romeo. The Shoto Klub is located approx 10 meters to the see and Graz came along with a nice after show party and barbie splatter movies. We thank everyone who was showing up to our release show at Gieszer16. Leipzig was a blast [...]

Excursion du Schmeck

April 15, 2004 by nudge

The only true photo love story about our trip to France in April 2004.

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  • 2010-09-08 @ UA, Kiev
  • 2009-05-21 @ Ukraine, Kiev, Cafe Sokil
  • 2000-07-30 @ Mühlkeller, Leipzig, Germany
  • Playing in Fabrique/Minsk (2009)
  • Corridor styles
  • [07] Reverends are wearing shoes, too.
  • [38] another crew picture after the show
  • 2010-05-15 @ Czech Republic, Liberec, Bar Azyl
  • Fake rehearsal for the shooting
  • Flyer: 2006-12-23 Nachtlager Leipzig
  • [22] crew picture in Metz
  • Haschek got the LEHC on his paunch
  • 2007-11-11 @ AZ Conni, Dresden, Germany
  • Tough guy temporary transfer tattooing
  • 2009-05-28 @ Hungary, Szentes, Youth House
  • 2007-12-23 @ Zora, Halberstadt, Germany
  • Mathar, bro and door crew
  • Seebi

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