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Video: Secret Show in Leipzig and “Makin’ Gifts” tour 2004

Hey friends, we found a video of a secret show that we’ve played on new years eve 2004 during our “Makin’ Gifts” tour.

The concert happened short before midnight at the corridor in a shared flat in Leipzig, maybe it was the most tiny place we performed in. This show was only one of the highlights on this tour, the concerts in Forst and Liberec were also a blast and probably part of the Top 10 concerts we ever played. We had a good time with Shut The Fuck Up who played two other shows on this tour with us in Hermsdorf and Wildeck.

The one in Bischofswerda never happened for us because Nazi assholes attended to the show and the organizer ignored this completely, he did not want to throw them out and later he disappeared completely. We left the venue without playing, The Tangled Lines and GORP did the same. Later the club owner only complained that someone stole his motorbike mags. One day before in Hermsdorf we saw the reports about the eartquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean, 230k people got killed. Both situations inspired us to lyrics of two songs (“The Statement” and “Don’t Forget Africa”) that we released later on the Red Carpet LP.

Makin’ Gifts Tour 2004

2004-12-22 - 2005-01-01 @ Makin’ Gifts Tour

2004-12-22 (wed) @ AJZ – Dessau
2004-12-23 (thu) @ Buntes Haus – Forst w/ The Tangled Lines, Church of Confidence
2004-12-24 (fri) @ Conne-Wessmann-Haus – Grossenhain
2004-12-25 (sat) @ Besetztes Haus – Erfurt w/ Premutos
2004-12-26 (sun) @ Reil78 – Halle w/ Shokei
2004-12-27 (mon) @ Zur Krone – Wildeck w/ Schamhart, Shut The Fuck Up
2004-12-28 (tue) @ Jugendhaus – Hermsdorf w/ Shut The Fuck Up
2004-12-29 (wed) @ “DAY OFF” (we left Bischofswerda without to play ’cause a lot of Nazis were there)
2004-12-30 (thu) @ Allcatrazz – Liberec (CZ) w/ Scarry 5
2004-12-31 (fri) @ Secret Show – Leipzig w/ Mind The Gap (see video)
2005-01-01 (sat) @ Subway To Peters – Chemnitz

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