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This is the end, good bye our friends!

This is the most difficult message we ever had to write. We’ve postponed this for months but it is real: Farmer’s Boulevard is dead!

Actually we planned a new album for 2011 — all songs has been almost finished — and a tour to Scandinavia, but it should not be.

Our guitar player Nudge left us in May 2011, 3 days after we came back from our show at the Crash Test Fest in Uzhgorod. He wrote us an email with 3 lines telling us that he is going to leave the band immediately. We’ve been shocked. We met him two more times, he tried to explain his reasons, we didn’t really get it. At the end it seems that he felt too old for doing music and Punk/Hardcore. Nudge is one of the original founders of Farmer’s Boulevard, he always was very important for the creative process of the band, he played the guitar, and he recorded a lot of our stuff in his studio.

We can’t and we did not want to replace him, that was not possible. We always knew that the band was bound to 4 guys, that the band stop existing without one of us. We still don’t understand his reasons and his decision to leave but we had to accept it that Farmer’s Boulevard is dead now. Rest of us went “comatose”, even not able to write this message earlier. We apologize that we didn’t communicated our break up last year to our friends and fans. Believe us, it was a hard time. The band was a very big part of our lives, it was more than just music, more than 4 guys in a rehearsal room, we can’t believe it should be all over.

We hope that we keep in touch, via Facebook, Twitter and our Weblog, we still have something to share with you, crazy pictures and tour videos, old and new stuff. We also have some merchandise left that we want to give away, probably for free. We will sort this out later here.

Finally the rest of us is back in our old basement doing music again, together with 3 other nice guys. We do not know where it goes but it is loud and fast. We keep you updated here.

Last but not least we want to thank everybody for the last 14 years and the time with you. We look back on 3 albums, some EPs/demos/compilations, 200 shows (we lost the exact list) and various tours through 18 countries, appr. 25-35.000 km on streets. We had the chance to meet nice people, seeing interesting places, playing together with great bands, and making experiences we won’t forget.

Special thanks to Stanie supporting us since the beginning, Final Force and Violated Seizure accompanying us for the early years, Wimmi and Marco/Steffi (whereever you guys are now) helping us to release our records, Doni being the band’s first guitar player, Marv refining us with his delicious guitar skills between 2004 and 2007, Compact Justice sharing the bus and stages with us on our first bigger tour, Rico, Dima, Victor, Vova lending us a helping hand when we went to the East, Gieszer16 and Lichtwirtschaft giving us a room to organize our own shows to finance records and tours, all promoters, organizers and their friends inviting us to play, giving us money, food and a place to stay, all people joining us at the concerts and bars, all people dancing with us. We are sure that we forgot someone, please feel hugged!

We thank Nudge for all the years, it never would came to life without you!

Let’s keep in touch everybody, stay positive …
Seebi, Seppl, Haschek
Farmer’s Boulevard

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