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Caught By (2000) Still Four (2002) Red Carpet (2006) Fear, Loss & Deadication (2010)

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24 hours open: our new online store

Farmer’s Boulevard online shop If you are connected via Twitter or Facebook with us, you know it already: we got a tiny online store now. Right now we are selling there our last 3 full length records, so if you like our free downloads, just support us by purchasing one the albums for a price what you can name yourself. In exchange you will get there downloads with even better quality as the free downloads provide.

Later we will add there some physical records like CDs, Vinyls, and maybe even shirts or buttons. You also will get our new EP “Fear, Loss & Deadication” there first, it will contain 5 songs. We also plan a very special hand-numbered limited CD edition for this EP.

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