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Flashback: Minsk and The Apollo Video Programm

Around 19 years after the World Wide Web gone public, 13 years after Farmer’s Boulevard was founded and 5 years after YouTube was invented we did it: our first video upload. Hell yeah, sometimes we are really Oldschool :) Now it’s time to introduce our Vimeo profile and the FB tube.

Like you know we never got the diary of the Tour 2009 finished because of a lack of time and a lack of really useable/stable video editing tools under Linux :) – but we got around 10 hours of video material and probably more than 2000 pictures. Here is a small bit of it. The video is a very rough cut of footage from our show in Minsk where we played on May 20th, 2009, pictures were also take around this time. We thank Luda and Igor for guiding us a whole day through Minsk, and Mitya and his friends for organizing the show.

This year we won’t play Belarus, but again in Czech Republic, Ukraine and Poland in September. And again we are excited to go. Hope to meet you on the roads!

  • Nudge is Clean Edge Hardcore! (Minsk 2009)
  • Farmer’s Boulevard is coming from the Underground (Minsk 2009)
  • Luda shows us the town (Minsk 2009)
  • Victory square (Minsk 2009)
  • Nobody needs a compass there, tanks show the direction to head west (Minsk 2009)
  • Lenin and his polish friend (Minsk 2009)
  • Nudge under the bell of good wishes (Minsk 2009)
  • Cool cars from our childhood (Minsk 2009)
  • Cat - Walk - Dog (Minsk 2009)
  • Communication is the key (Minsk 2009)
  • Lenin is horse riding … (Minsk 2009)
  • … before we go into the central market place … (Minsk 2009)
  • … where we met the friendly smiling staff (Minsk 2009)
  • Buying cards and stamps … (Minsk 2009)
  • … is important for olschool communication with the family home (Minsk 2009)
  • Some action band picture … (Minsk 2009)
  • … then chilling in the only store we found where you could buy vinyls (Minsk 2009)
  • Crew picture (Minsk 2009)
  • Another crew picture (Minsk 2009)
  • Playing in Fabrique/Minsk (2009)
  • Don’t point with fingers on us, we were not the only heavy guys here (Minsk 2009)

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2 old comments

  1. Name:
    Aug 2 2010

    Minsk rockt schon ganz gut. Wenn ich das höre und sehe komm ich ganz schön auf Entzug. Gibts denn mal noch ein Abschiedskonzert in LE, bevor es auf Tour geht? Würde mich echt freuen

  2. Name:
    Sep 1 2010

    soweit ich weiß, gibt’s / gab’s kein Konzert, ich hab mich auch schon geärgert, Schweinerei, brauchen wohl keinen support mehr… :)

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