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Again, we didn’t update the page for a long time. If you want to read the freshest news intime just follow us at Twitter or Facebook where we push frequently small updates.

The Farmer’s Boulevard family grew bigger, Tina and our drummer Seebi got parents. In february they have born their son Täve. While Täve first couldn’t await to see the light, he is growing nicely now and he seems to share his dad’s love to eat all the day :)

In the last weeks and months we made also some progress in our creative process to write songs for new records. You read right, it’s plural. Before we drop our album, what is planned for end of the year or beginning 2011, we will release a split record together with a band what we know for ages.

The upcoming records are the reason why we don’t plan to play a lot of shows, better: we decided to take a break from playing live until the songs are finished. But as you know us we can’t let it be, so we will play twice:

2010-06-04 @ Germany, Leipzig, Conne Island2010-05-15 @ Czech Republic, Liberec, Bar Azyl Tonight, May 15th, we will play in Liberec, right behind the border in Czech Republic. So if you are from Saxony you may have a real chance to attend because it is not so far away. We will play there the fourth time, and we are remembering the other shows very well.

On June 4th, Myra invited us to the release show of their new record “Godspeed” what is released right now. Myra is the band where Captain Hando is hitting the drums. Some years ago, he took care about us as our driver in France, even if it seems to be a hard job :)

Would be nice to see some of you tonight or in June, so long …

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