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Caught By (2000) Still Four (2002) Red Carpet (2006) Fear, Loss & Deadication (2010)

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Download our “Red Carpet” CD/LP for free

FB Santa is back in his hardcore boots and he brings another record for all the bad girls and boys :)

We re-released our “Red Carpet” CD/LP under a Creative Commons license, this means you can download it for free and legally share the album with your friends. You can choose between the MP3 and Ogg Vorbis archive, both they contain 11 songs encoded with 192kb/s and include cover artwork and lyrics. Originally we released “Red Carpet” in 2006 on CD and vinyl with help of PCS Records, SM Musik and Vinyl Junkies. You can still order physical copies there.

If you not already know our previous records you may even check out Caught By (released 2000) and Still Four (2002). They are downloadable for free, too. Currently we are back in our rehearsal room to write new songs for upcoming records.

For us, 2009 was a great year, especially our tour through East Europe was great and unforgetable. Thank you! We wish you some nice days with your families and friends, and a happy new year. Have a good start into 2010!

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