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Full Speed Ahead — the last chance to dance!

Full Speed Ahead, Farewell show, November 14th, 2009. Full Speed Ahead, our hardcore comrades from the other side of the town (04277, you know!), are quitting the band after 15 years of existence. Tonight they will play the last show at their second living room, Conne Island Leipzig. Let’s take our last chance to dance with them and celebrate them tonight, to make it hard to say good bye.

They got 3 full lengths, a 7inch and a demo tape about moons and lonely wolves and some Leipzig Hardcore classics (F&T, 04277, GNWP). We are very sad that we never managed to play together a Leipzig show. Now it’s over.

As we heard tonight they will play with old an new line-up, all the guys coming together, the show is sold out. The Lines We Cross from Plagwitz City will support them, as well as Backfire (also a farewell show) and Breakdown from NYC.

Thx for being here for 15 years, Friendship & Trust – L.E. Crew! (Yes, it was the right time to get pathetic :) )

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