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The Army of Lamers are back in town

Hello everybody, we arrived very well and in the same time totally smashed on Monday morning in Leipzig. We are back at home. We really had a very good time on road and we met so many nice people, beside all the good shows we had and all the new places we’ve seen on tour. We thank you all! Now we have to collect all our memories — and it’s so much stuff to tell — we will put later a picture diary with some random thoughts online. And please kick our asses if we are to lazy with this :)

Tourshirt East Europe 2009

If anyone got some pictures or videos of our shows, or if you know someone who got, please send us a message. We’re interested in all of these stuff! You could send it by email or we even could provide FTP access to our server if you know how to handle it.

We also have some pieces of our tour shirt left (only in L/XL sizes), just ask. Meanwhile we will play some more shows in our area, Grimma, Leipzig and Jena will be on the map. We will continue to play shows until around autumn — please ask for dates — later we plan to concentrate on new songs.

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