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Hrodna Garage Hymn

Today was our fourth show on tour and the first one in Belarus. Our Show in Гродна, Беларусь (Hrodna, Belarus) was really awesome and one might say it was one of the best ones in our life. The Hrodna guys are really crazy and make their concerts in a small garage in a field of 1000 of garages. This is a very special ambient, a mixture of practice room and open air (cause most of the guests has to visit the concert from outside of the garage).

Before the concert started, Dima and his friend showed us the city center. During the whole city tour, dimas fellows and guests appeared cause of some kind of guerilla marketing via phone. At the end, we arrived at the garage with more than 20 fellows and guests already waiting. This was awesome :-)

Hrodna Garage Crew preparing for the show

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  1. Name:
    May 19 2009

    see your in Minsk! and have a nice gig in my native city Baranovichi!

  2. Name:
    May 23 2009

    Greetings from Tbilisi,
    nice to see you guys on the road again! Yesterday in Batumi I was sitting in a nice cafe with friends, looking across the Black Sea and imagining a meeting with you in Odessa. Unfortunately there will be no time for this as I am completely booked visiting interesting forests, swamps, …

    Have a good trip and think about a Caucasian tour next year: Batumi – Tbilisi – Yerevan – Baku – Grozny! Guerilla Marketing works in Tbilisi, too!

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