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Stickin’ to the guns at the hair salon

Photo session crew

We did not make any official band pictures for years but after our show at Atari Leipzig in November 2008 Tristan offered us to do some. So for the first time ever we got a real flash, a real camera and (maybe important) a real photographer. The deal loked like that: first he shoot some pics in our area, later we change to a special location and he has the right to put us in very special situations for the pictures. We started at the Spinnerei in Plagwitz and we ended at a very noble hair salon in Leipzig city. It was fun, we could behave like clowns. Official promo stuff is now at, here you can check out the whole day picture-wise:

  • One vs One at Generator Radsport
  • Seppl at Generator
  • Table soccer at Generator Radsport
  • Check the poster
  • Playing table soccer at Generator Radsport
  • Mr. Lightbulb head
  • Singalong
  • Seppl
  • Fake rehearsal for the shooting
  • Seebi and his old drum
  • Fake rehearsal 2
  • Seppl is the alien
  • I’m telling y’all, it’s sabotage!
  • Seebi got the wall of sound
  • Seppl
  • Elevator style
  • Leipzig AllSchool Poses
  • 3 -vs- 1
  • Leipzig AllSchool Poses (Reloaded)
  • Three clowns and one Seebi
  • Same game, another victim
  • Check it out!
  • Standing around
  • Achtung!
  • Corridor moves
  • Corridor styles
  • ?
  • Guns’n'Hairs
  • Serving
  • Hidden talents
  • Seebi
  • Haschek got the LEHC on his paunch
  • Tough guy temporary transfer tattooing
  • Full service
  • Photo session crew

All pictures by Bruce “Tristan” Banner.

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