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On the way to 2009, Forst and Jena

2009-01-09 @ Germany, Forst, Buntes Haus Last post for the old year, just to wish you and us the best for the upcoming year. Our show in Cottbus has been moved to Forst, but the date is still the same. So we hope you to see on January 9th, 2009 at Buntes Haus Forst. Last time (Nov 2007) was delicious, we are looking forward to this show.

2009-01-17 @ Germany, Jena, Haus One week later (Jan 17th) we will play a benefit show in Jena for the Besetztes Haus Erfurt. Those guys have problems because the town Erfurt sold the area and the squad may be closed. This would be irrepearably. More information about that issue can be found on the campaign site “Hände weg!”. Defend your culture, fight for local squat!

See you next year, have a smooth New Year’s eve. Just drink, don’t drive!

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