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Next shows and East Europe Tour 2009

Dates for November 2009 Like Seebi wrote, tonight (Nov 20) we will play at Atari in Leipzig. Atari is located in Leipzig-Reudnitz, Täubchenweg on corner Kippenbergstraße (check it out on Google maps). The show will start 9pm sharp, and the Atari is a small venue, so be early. Next days we will also hit Bitterfeld and Plauen, some other confirmed shows are:

  1. 2008-11-21 (fri) @ AKWBitterfeld
  2. 2008-11-22 (sat) @ SchuldenbergPlauen
  3. 2009-01-09 (fri) @ ChekovCottbus
  4. 2009-01-17 (sat) @ HausJena
  5. 2009-06-05 (fri) @ GrimmaCrossover Festival

Right now we are looking for some more shows on Jan 10, Jan 16, Jan 23 and Jan 24, 2009.

East Europe Tour 2009

We also plan another tour next year: May 15 – May 31, 2009 we hope to play in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and maybe some more. Tough route and long roads, we know :) So if you are doing shows in one of those countries (or in a neighboring country) please write us an email.

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