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Thank you for the last 10 Years

We thank everybody who has inspired us, did set up a show, cooked, shared a place to sleep on our tours, wrote reviews, spread concert flyers, supported us on shows, lend us equipment, believed in us, bought a record or a button from us, shared ideas and stories! Unforgettable moments, 10 years are a long time … but not enough.

Last week we had a great anniversary show, some people seems to remember our old songs :) Please share your pictures or videos taken that night with us. Hat jemand Bilder oder Videos von unserer 10-Jahres-Show am 10.5. in der Gieszer? Wir hätten diese auch gerne :) meldet euch bitte einfach bei uns:

So long, now some important stuff for today (17.5.2008):

  • “Love Hardcore, Hate Homophobia!”, today is the International Day against Homophobia, you may check out the Gay Edge Liberation
  • “Sexism in the Hardcore/Punk scene” is a related topic of a info/discussion panel and benefit show in Roßwein today, more information on that on the website of the Let’s fight ‘White Pride’ campaign.

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