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Klunt tour 11/2007: Bury My Sins, The Guilt Show, Farmer’s BoulevardWe are back from a weekend tour we won’t forget that fast: nice people, dainty dishes without any risotto (the reis-mit-scheiss time seems to be over), good drinks and Sternis, first snowflakes, flat jokes, even flatter klunt-jokes, huge guys (BMS), sleeping guys (TGS), semantic guys (we), extreme table soccering and 1001 other stories.

Especially Forst was a blast again, we felt like home! Sorry that we did not play that many old tunes. Falls jemand Bilder gemacht hat, bitte schickt uns diese per Email zu, Herzlichen Dank!

And a last advice: Überleg’ dir nochmal die Sache mit Sandra!

More Pictures later, promised. We thank everybody who have been a part of that weekend!

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