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Poland was great (Part One)

Nik from Pagdalan photographed a lot! Some stuff here:

  • Farmer’s Boulevard live in Molotov Cafe, Olsztyn, Poland
  • Seebi at Molotov Cafe
  • Haschek at Molotov Cafe
  • Breakfast with Pagdalan and Run Riot in Olsztyn
  • Schnippei Hunting Season in Prabuty
  • Schnippei Protection (Figure “Classic Position”) shown by Ludwig Pagdalan and Seebi
  • Only one out of 1000 breaks on our way …
  • A hairy hornet called Marv
  • G3 lunch in Torun
  • Nudge is doing the wild tongue pose
  • Pagdalan, Run Riot and Farmer’s Boulevard are posing in Torun
  • Haschek, the sightseeing tourist …
  • Club Piron, Torun, Poland
  • Where is my stuff?

You can find more pictures on Pagdalan’s website. Parent advisory: some explicite content!

Stay tuned for Part 2 (it may need only 1 year).

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