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European Tour

You read right, we plan another European Tour. This time together with our friends from Myra and Strong As Ten. Tour period is from June 6th to June 19th 2007. Currently all directions are open. We hope to explore new places and we are looking forward to meet new people.

We hope for your help to make it possible, please write us. Some additional info below …

A call from BamBam:


we announce the upcoming European Tour of FARMER’S BOULEVARD (Allschool HC), MYRA (Metalcore) and STRONG AS TEN (Trashcore). We are looking forward to your offers. Please write to

European Tour: June 6th – June 19th 2007

This tour brings a wide range of current hc styles together! From Oldschool to Newschool, from Metalcore to Trashcore.

Available dates:
2007-06-07 (thu) @ TBA
2007-06-08 (fri) @ TBA
2007-06-09 (sat) @ TBA
2007-06-10 (sun) @ TBA
2007-06-11 (mon) @ TBA
2007-06-12 (tue) @ TBA
2007-06-13 (wed) @ TBA
2007-06-14 (thu) @ TBA
2007-06-15 (fri) @ TBA
2007-06-16 (sat) @ TBA
2007-06-17 (sun) @ TBA
2007-06-18 (mon) @ TBA
2007-06-19 (tue) @ TBA

Info: bands need food, drinks and warm/dry sleeping places for 10 to 15 peoples. A shower would be fine :)

Backline: bands will bring a complete backline.

Deal: assurances or doordeals are very welcome.

Promotion: we can provide layouts and maybe posters/flyers. If you need promotional material for local fanzines/newspapers, just ask.

Founded in 1997, this band from Leipzig is now one of the older continuously existing hardcore bands from Germany. The music can be described as all school hardcore, loud, fast, without compromises and political as hardcore should be, no crude tough guy poseur stuff. Up until now Farmers’ Boulevard have played in the following countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

MYRA (ger)
The name stands for metal at its best, both live and on their records: pushing verses, stomping mosh parts taking turns with catchy tunes and great guitar solos as well as a smashing double bass drum and aggressive vocals – that’s the sound of MYRA: sporty down-the-line metal. MYRA manage to play a dynamic, powerful and outstanding metal sound. MYRA was frequently live on stage and made themselves a name as a professional and brutal live band.
Website & MP3:

Play fast or die! Think highspeed trashcore meets oldschool like Minor Thread or Black Flag. Short songs … short info :)
* Strong As Ten is only for 5 or 6 days part of the tour

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