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Caught By (2000) Still Four (2002) Red Carpet (2006) Fear, Loss & Deadication (2010)

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Long rides, nice people and G16

Shirt: Farmer’s Boulevard -vs- The human Robots We enjoyed our shows in Izola and Graz, we thank Enco and Romeo. The Shoto Klub is located approx 10 meters to the see and Graz came along with a nice after show party and barbie splatter movies. We thank everyone who was showing up to our release show at Gieszer16. Leipzig was a blast again. Next day we were a little bit tired but anyway we had a good show in Hannover.

For all who missed us in Leipzig, you guys will get a second chance: on May 12th we will play at Conne Island Leipzig together with Cro-Mags, Bane and Betrayed.

And we got some new shirts. See you in Rosswein and Tharandt.

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