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It’s done! New record “red carpet” CD/LP out soon!

Yes, we finished everything: Studio, Mixing, Mastering, Layout and finally we sent all the stuff to the manufactories. The record will be out in April 2006. The Release Show is on April 15th at Gieszer16 in Leipzig. Have a look on the artwork done by Franz Ehrenberg:

Red Carpet Artwork (done by Franz Ehrenberg)

We know it tooks us four years and to be honest it’s a way too long. But we had to manage a lot of things like finishing studies or preparing and doing tours. Some of us were abroad for longer times. Some of us working and living in other towns now. Last but not least sometimes we are just a lazy bunch of guys who like to travel, exploring other countries and cultures, and prefering sun instead of the cold and dark band’s room :) So during the last four years we haven’t had enough time to practise but every band needs a lot of rehearsals, free minds and a good feeling to be able to write good songs. Finally it tooks us as longer as we wanted (“caught by” was done after 8 months, “still four” needs around 2 years) but it’s ok for us. We are a band and not a fuckin’ company!

Beside that you can expect our best record so far. We worked hard for this! In our opinion everything made a step further: music, field of lyrics, recording, mixing, artwork and layout, working together as a band of friends, also in very tense moments and strange situations. We hope to see you next time at the shows and maybe you like the new record “red carpet” and all the new songs as much as we do. Thank you for your support during all these years. We thank Vinyl Junkies and SM Musik for the trust in us and our music. Please keep it straight, keep it honest, keep it HEART and keep it positive!

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